While A Master’s Touch Inc. is currently able to provide a range of different furniture restoration services, our company was built on furniture refinishing. When we first started this company in 1985, we were committed to helping people bring their old furniture back to life by providing superior refinishing, touch-up and repair services, and we remain committed to this today. Whether you have a piece of furniture that has sustained damage or one that is old and starting to show signs of aging, allow us to step in with high quality and professional furniture and woodwork refinishing services here in Seattle, WA.

At A Master’s Touch Inc., we specialize in working with a number of clients on their refinishing needs. In the past, we have done furniture and woodwork refinishing for the Mayflower, Madison Renaissance, the Edgewater and other popular hotels. We have also worked directly with insurance companies as well as fire and water damage restoration companies to refinish badly battered furniture. What’s more, we regularly work with a number of interior design and furniture companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. We take pride in our ability to refinish furniture at an expert level, and love to see how each piece takes on new life and enhances the design of a home.

When you decide to refinish furniture and woodwork through A Master’s Touch Inc., we can either come out to your home and take care of the refinishing on-site, or pick it up and bring it back to our shop to complete the furniture and woodwork refinishing process there. Whatever your choice, we promise to take good care of your furniture until the work is complete and it is returned to you. You will quickly see the value in refinishing your favorite pieces over replacing or scrapping them altogether. All it takes is one phone call to us.

Would you like to speak to someone from A Master’s Touch Inc. about furniture and woodwork refinishing services in Seattle, WA and the Pacific Northwest? Reach out to us today to find out how we can help.