Problems and Solutions

The Eight Most Common Furniture Problems A Masters Touch Has Encountered:

1. Problem: You just spilled nail polish on your table top
Solution: Call A Masters Touch. We can take care of that.

2.Problem: You had a fire. Your precious furniture was damaged. There may even be some charred wood.
Solution: A Masters Touch can fix that! We don’t control how furniture comes to us but we control the way it looks when it leaves us.

3. Problem: You have multiple furniture pieces that appear worn and tired.
Solution: Call A Masters Touch. We offer on-site repair and touch up.

4. Problem: The veneer on your lovely piece is peeling and missing in spots.
Solution: Call A Masters Touch. We can fix that.

5. Problem: You’ve got white rings on top of your furniture.
Solution: Yes, we can fix that, too!

6. Problem: Your furniture is falling apart.
Solution: Call A Master Touch. We can repair it.

7. Problem: You love your furniture but the color is wrong.
Solution: We make all of our colors in our shop. We can make the color and finish you want.

8. Problem: You don’t like the look of your kitchen
Solution: Let us refinish it. We’ll change the doors, build new cabinets and change the hardware. It’s a great home investment.

We appreciate you considering A Masters Touch and welcome the chance to discuss your restoration project.